On or Off Chain? How Will Blockchain-based apps deal with medical privacy?

MedPayRx is certainly picking up buzz. We just got back from Berlin where we attended CannabisNormal, the first annual meeting of DeutscheHanfverband to forward the new reality of “medical reform” here auf Deutsch.

We are also picking up interest from other quarters – what that is exactly we cannot say. However there are a few words we have to say about what we see going on.

1. We are a new kind of application. We have rethought medical records as banking records. Our system deals with them accordingly.

2. You cannot do what we aspire to do WITHOUT blockchain. Everywhere else you run into massive privacy and security issues.

3. You cannot, at least in a model we have been able to think about, actually PUT medical records with identifying information on ANY blockchain. Why not? Privacy. We also do not. That is what makes MedPayRx very different.

4. The blockchains themselves must be constructed and engineered TO existing regulations.

5. Users must accept such systems via trust. You cannot approach this issue “top down.” It must be “bottom up.

6. Just establishing a “seed to sale” process is not enough when it comes to prescription drugs, including cannabis.

To the extent that we do this, we know we are in the right space.