You must have a condition that is chronic and further, not effectively treated by more conventional medicine. There is no disease definition under German law to determine cannabis patients and who might qualify or be prescribed. In addition, any doctor, technically, can prescribe medical cannabis if he or she believes it is warranted.

Those patients who have chronic pain, depression, PTSD, epilepsy, AIDS, most movement disorders and cancer have a good case for requesting medical cannabis from their doctor.

Research in other countries as well as in Germany, has already determined that such conditions can be treated with cannabinoids. There will also be German trials.

You must then find a doctor who is willing to prescribe this drug to you. That is currently not easy. Many doctors are still suspicious about this drug. Further, many doctors are currently afraid to prescribe it because they might end up being charged for it by insurance companies.

Finding pharmacies that stock the drug is also often difficult.

These are all problems MedPayRx aims to help solve.

Finally, many patients in Germany are still finding it tough to get insurance company approvals for their claims.

We hope to streamline that process for everyone. For now, it is necessary to keep good records. Cannabis in German pharmacies is also very, very expensive without coverage – and for most prohibitive just because of that reason.