While it is still not popular or sexy, the fact remains that at the dawn of the 5G age, people with disabilities (including chronic conditions) remain the most isolated, stigmatized demographic on the planet.

90% of people with disabilities of working age are unemployed through no fault of their own via stigma, lack of access or other problems, including managing medical routines.

Even more tragically, cyberspace so far has not been built for access. The vast majority of websites globally are not disability compliant. What that spells for a digitally connected, IoT and AI world is still unclear. But we intend to make a difference if not provide critical path access that is required not only by international law, but the reality that the chronically ill too often find themselves in.

We are constructing both a platform and of course maintain a website we are designing to be accessible to all, and built to UN standards, as well as our services beyond.