About Cannabis

There are many people who have asked me to explain the continuing “cannabis” theme to a website which is ostensibly about a tech company called MedPayRx.

Here are a few reasons why – and a few resources for those who are curious.

The first issue as I have begun to explain, is that we see ourselves as a “trigger” company on both the technology and the market entry side. While our target ecosystem of insurers, pharmacies, distributors, producers, patients and the like, can ultimately (hopefully) use our platform for any prescription drug, medical device, or procedure prescribed by a medical doctor, we think the initial market entry for our early focus makes sense as we proceed on our pilot. We are able to reach a wide ecosystem that is “mainstream” in all other respects, and target a real sore point in general for those who have to obtain pre-approvals for expensive medication and medical equipment.

There are other policy issues we are looking at of course, including helping governments and insurers, ultimately, which help reach populations who are hard to reach, no matter what drugs they take or what disability or chronic condition they have. For that reason, of course, beyond our technology itself, we are big medical cannabis fans.

We understand that this is a new industry and a “new” drug here in Germany and Europe in particular, and as part of our ongoing in general policy outreach goal, we have a special offer below.

You will find links to the book I wrote in 2014 about the development of the American state industry in 2014 (now offered as a half price ebook) and even more excitingly the book I am writing this year as we interact with the industry in getting MedPayRx into the market. You will be able to read excerpts of the new book as I write it via a unique partnership with several digital organizations I already work with and for, and of course if you are so inspired, buy a pre-order copy (nothing like supporting an author, or a startup entrepreneur).

We hope you enjoy the reads…the books are written for mainstream audiences of high school and up.

50% discount of $5.00 if you buy now!