About Cannabis In Europe and Beyond

We here at MedPayRx get alot of questions about why we are so interested, as a technology platform, in medical cannabis. In fact, we are interested in all drugs, medical devices and procedures that must be prescribed by a physician and approved by an insurance company (or payer).

We however, as a startup, have to create at least a test pilot ecosystem to get into the market, which is why we think this vertical is so perfect for us – how the ecosystem uses our platform is ultimately up to them.

However, in the meantime, we would encourage our readers to understand a bit more about why this vertical is so interesting as an entrance vertical for us. Including reading a few books on the same.

We are offering several opportunities – see below.

Green covers the U.S. state market in 2014. We are offering a special discount – so when you go to the site, just type in the discount code we list to buy it! Only $5. A great deal.

Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu will cover 2019 in Europe. You can pre buy your book now!