How To Dose Edible Cannabis

Knowing how much edible cannabis you should consume can be tricky. Doctors also need to be aware of this issue.

If consuming a pre-manufactured product, do not exceed serving size. No matter how delicious. It will catch up with you. It may taste great, in other words, but remember this is still medicine and a narcotic drug. And while you cannot die from a cannabis OD, you can get very sick.

If cooking with cannabis oil or butter, as many patients do, there are multiple issues to be aware of. The first is the strength of the cannabis oil you use. The second is how much you use in the recipe. The third is that even if you are careful, you may have some pieces of your brownie batch, for example, that carry a bit more of a kick than others.

When first experimenting with edibles, make sure that you start with no more than 5mg. Try to start with less than this. Most manufactured products have product serving sizes that max out at 10mg.

Remember that edibles affect you slower. Go slow. As you experiment try to make a cannabis infused recipe, or drink (like hot chocolate) where you can use small batches of everything and mix thoroughly.

Do not exceed your doctor’s prescribed dosage.