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Volume 2, Issue 4: November 25, 2018


  • Editor’s Note
  • Startup Roundup
  • MedPayRx at EXECinsurtech
  • The New, Improved MedPayRx blog
  • And Introducing…
  • Cannabis News You Can Use
  • Activist’s Corner

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Editor’s Note

More big things afoot for our little startup. The “biggest” of those, depending on who you talk to, was either the major presence we had at EXECinsurtech in Köln, November 21-22 (more below) or the fact that we are bringing on new people and expanding accordingly. More below on that as well.

In the short term, you will begin to see the difference in terms of our social media presence and our blog.

We are also moving to formalize our relationship with InsurLab Germany, so all is super groovy and all things green at our end. Read on for more details.

Startup Roundup:
A couple of big things of note as we realize that November is as just about as good as gone.
1. We are pleased to welcome new blood to Team MedPayRx. Bios and background below. But thank goodness! You will see their contribution alot as they have already been working on the different social media platforms of MedPayRx. Our blog expandeth, in other words, our website is getting a much needed upgrade and creativity, and our social media footprint gets more bigfoot every day!
2. We had an amazing presence at EXECinsurtech in Cologne last week. We dedicated two days to an event which was, to be blunt, amazing. Great energy! And lots of great things to come!

MedPayRx At EXECinsurtech

We had fun at EXECinsurtech. Catch our pitch below!


5 mins total, with just three for the pitch! You gotta talk slow and give an effective elevator pitch. How did we do?

So – EXECinsurtech! Köln!?!

A couple of quick adjectives. Wow! Zamo! Powerkazoo! Ok, so I loved “Batman” the TV series when I was a kid, but that is also a bit how we felt in Cologne last week.

We have written about both the event and our experiences on our updating and redesigning blog (so we direct you there this week).

It was however, the place for many in the insurance industry, investors and those who have revolutionary ideas for that growing discipline called “insurtech” to meet, greet, talk and get to know each other.

Hats off to all the organizers, sponsors and of course attendees. Very cool event and worth going to in years to come.

In a single word? Awesome!

The New Improved MedPayRx Blog

As we roll forward, our blog coverage will start to get interesting and regular again. Thanks to Maria Renker and our so far only nom de plumed additional bloggers and translators, we are even going bilingual!

In the meantime, check our our recent posts on all things digitalisierung and EXECinsurtech, although we of course intend to also cover the always fascinating cannaspace here too as it intersects with what we are doing.

To that end, check out our latest article on policy developments auf Deutsch that we intend to be a part of, including Jens Spahn’s call for digital prescriptions and basic terms in the tech space that interact with all that you should absolutely know if not quickly understand and recognize.

And Introducing…

We are pleased as punch to onboard a new member of the team. Ma. Josephine Renker or simply Maria as we fondly call her, hails from the Philippines but is now happily living auf Deutsch. She met her German husband at university. With a background in photography, social media, technology launches, a degree in computer science and law, that is just the perfect combo for Team MedPayRx. She currently resides in Darmstadt, Germany.

Look for her articles in our blog and as she takes over the newsletter. It has a new and revamped presence in our website and a more active social media presence, among other immediate impacts. Welcome Maria!

We also have onboarded a German cannabis journalist, writer and translator! Please welcome Mr. Haze Amaze. Our interestingly Avatared talent has already been hard at work and you have probably seen his work if you have browsed our website. More coming soon.

You are not likely to see this fella on the street, however, anytime soon. Like many who join the cannabis industry, still, in any capacity, he needs to maintain his anonymity.

Cannabis News You Can Use

The canna space is also staying hot, hot, hot. The biggest news right now is all about the bid and lawsuits, but there is alot going on under the covers. New distributors and licensees are getting into the game everyday, and the German/Euro/EU scene growth, and at a fast clip! As always check out our coverage via these online outlets!

We are also always open to guest bloggers, particularly German language bloggers. Please get in touch!

Activist Corner

At this point, we can admit, we are launching our own grassroots campaign that is activist as much as it is marketing. That is one of the reasons we are focusing on grassroot needs. To this end, we are hoping to find a few of the more well known, advocacy patients and doctors as well as other industry participants in Germany and across Europe to participate in the kickoff event of the MedPayRx pilot and go to market trial. We are looking for techie, early tech adopters who are also patients and doctors, in particular, starting with Germany, the UK and Macedonia.

On the German front, we are specifically now looking for cannabis specialty distributors, pharmacists and doctors (not to mention patients) in the Cologne/Bonn area who can mark January 25 on their calendars and might also want to sponsor and test our software, interface and processing ability next year.

There are a few conferences across Europe this fall, but for now we are going to wrap up our cannabis list for the year. There will be much to watch in this space next year.The ICBC will return to Europe in both Spain and Germany next year. Watch this space for early bird registration and tickets. There are a few hot conferences coming to the UK, and other markets as the gig, finally, gets going.

Privacy Issues And Etc.

As always, if you find yourself on our mailing list and do not want to be here, feel free to unsubscribe at any time. Sorry to see you go, but you can always sign back up again!

MedPayRx is a first-of-its kind “smart prescription” DApp (distributed application) and platform which uses blockchain at its core. We can be used for all prescriptions, but we are focusing on the medical cannabis space as a critical niche user base. Follow us on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds and stay signed up for our newsletter! Pass us on!

MedPayRx is looking for dynamic members of the founding team in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dortmund, Cologne/Dusseldorf and other cities. If you want to be a part of this, get in touch. We want you!

We are looking for co-founders and volunteers.Contact Marguerite Arnold

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