Guess What? The German Government Has Issued Tender Bids for Canna Grow Licenses

Bear with us during construction dust. We will be establishing a proper German-English website as we proceed. However in the meantime, bear with us Denglish sprechers.

We want to establish this site as several things. The first is a portal where people can get more information about medical cannabis in several languages. This includes patients and their families. It also includes doctors, health insurance companies and others.

The second is our project in development. That is a health app that is designed to help patients get their medications more easily – starting with medical cannabis.

We will also start reporting German relevant news about the industry.

In that vein, we would be remiss not to put out the word about an opportunity right now. The German government issued a tender bid for the first 10 cannabis licenses in the country in April. There is a tight deadline for submission, and only German firms with foreign partners (with focus on Canadians) will have a chance. But if you would like to see the bid or know someone who might be interested, pass it on.  It is in German.



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