What exactly does “Micro-Dosing” mean and how can you include it into your daily life as a patient?

The first question is easily answered: the word itself is a combination of “micro” and “dosage”. It means, to take a medication in very small dosages regularly and long term. This way patients can reduce the side-effects and enhance the long-term medical effect.

In the example of medical cannabis, I want to show you, how to get this method working in practice:

Let’s say a doctor writes a prescription for THC-containing cannabis flowers against pain, for 1g of cannabis with 8% THC per day. You will have a daily consumption of 80mg THC.

Like many patients, you might have tried to take the whole gram in the morning, because you have no time later or might fear that you cannot (i.e. you are at work). Or you might have woken up in alot of pain.

If you consumed the entire gram at once, you probably also experienced strong side-effects. Such as feeling “high.” Or sleepy. Or uncoordinated. Or, as in the case often of many patients, the pain comes back at the end of the day and you reach for another big dose. And then run out by the end of the month.

At this point Micro-Dosing is here to change the game. First, the idea behind this consumption strategy is that you plan on just consuming a very small amount at a time, let’s say 0.1g, and then wait for the effects to kick in. If for example the pain isn’t going away you should raise the amount in the next try, maybe 0.2 or 0.3g of flowers. This trial should be done until you find that sweet spot, where pain goes away, but amount is as little as possible. You should also try to leave at least 24h between these tests, to not adulterate the results by previously consumed cannabis during a day period. This way you get close to an comfortable amount of medicine you can use to ease the pain, gain all the medical benefits and still got the control. To make dosage and consumption even more comfortable it is advisable to use a vaporizer. There are other benefits to using this consumption method: the vaporisation of flowers produce far less odor, your herbs don’t get burned and you can easily arrange the amount, because most of the portable devices can’t take up more than 0.3-0.5g