Steps To Obtain Medical Cannabis Legally In Germany

Despite what you hear about Colorado, California, Canada or even Holland, FYI, getting medical cannabis legally in Germany is not as easy as buying candy from a store. The great cannabis debate has landed here, auf Deutschland, and it is a conversation that is just…

Micro-Dosing Your Meds

What exactly does “Micro-Dosing” mean and how can you include it into your daily life as a patient? The first question is easily answered: the word itself is a combination of “micro” and “dosage”. It means, to take a medication in very small dosages regularly…

Is Blockchain Technology Compatible With GDPR?

One of the biggest debates of the last several years, is whether blockchain technology is compatible with new privacy regulations either in the U.S. (known as HIPAA) or those being implemented across Europe. The latter are loosely known as General Data Privacy Regulations (or GDPR)….

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