[vc_headings linewidth=”0px” borderwidth=”0px” borderclr=”” title=”The MedPayRx Pilot To Market Program” titlesize=”40px” titleclr=”#000000″][/vc_headings][vc_headings borderclr=”#000000″ title=”Participate in a unique pilot to make program for a blockchain-based, smart prescription, claim and payment solution.” titlesize=”20px” titleclr=”#000000″][/vc_headings]

What does this entail?

  1. Engaging the ecosystem of patients and industry participants around the process of prescription issuance.
  2. Testing our designs and functionality
  3. Obtaining the right certifications as we proceed to insure we are in compliance with the many regulations that apply
  4. Explaining how we are a great, unique use case that actually helps set the rules where gray spaces still apply

Where, When, How?

We kick off on January 25, 2019, in Cologne, Germany with a unique pilot workshop which will be repeated three more times over the next four quarters in Germany and other countries where we roll to market.

The event will bring together all stakeholders involved in the prescriptions and approving process as well as market participants involved in distribution and production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

We want you if you are:

1. A patient

2. A pharmacy, distributor, manufacturer, insurance company or otherwise engaged in the business of approving and dispensing prescription medicines and medical equipment.

Our first focus is Nord-Rhein Westphalia, specifically Cologne, but if you are in this region of Germany, we are super interested in you. We are also interested in you if you live or work somewhere else in Germany, especially in Bavaria or Hesse. Regardless, however, if you are passionate about being a German participant, no matter where you are, get in touch.

If you live or are a commercial stakeholder in the UK, Macedonia, Switzerland, we also want to hear from you.


MedPayRx is going to pilot in 2019!


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