Participate in A Study For Your Cannabis – German Government to Patients

I am writing today in English, because I am hoping to provide a window into the world of the average cannabis patient here for those who do not understand German.

There is an interesting connundrum shaping up at the moment. I have linked to another story in English from the ever-great DW, on an aspect of all of this that is shaping up to be a major bug a bear.

Apparently to qualify for medical cannabis that is reimbursed via health insurance, patients have to agree to be in a medical study. This makes sense of course, but getting 5-10k patients a year onto a drug and further enrolling them in studies, seems to be a guargantuan task.

Further, it may also be why Dr. Grotenherman is so concerned about raising money for domestic cannabis research. The amount slated to research may be in fact what drives patient numbers here as much as doctors signing up to prescribe the drug.

These are the waters into which the German “experiment” is now swimming – all of which bodes good news I have to say, ultimately for us here at MedPayRx.

Our position of course, is that German patients should get their medication. But if it is possible to gather information about their progression in a way that does not violate their privacy and at the same time forwards research, data gathering and adds to compliance, why not look at this possibility?

That is what we are dedicated to doing here at MedpayRx and are in the process of starting to gain ground in terms of facilitating.

I hope visitors in both German and English stay updated with our progress. We are moving, and in the right direction.


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