Father’s Day Marble Cake With Cannabis

This delicious cake makes about 15 servings of 10mg THC servings each

This is a fabulous recipe translated auf Deutsch. While we are focussing on our German rollout first, there are things we want to share with our English-speaking audience. This would be one of those.


175 g Cannabutter
1 glass jar of sour cherries
1 apple
350 g flour
1 pack baking soda (2-3 tspns)
4 eggs
150 ml milk (you can also make this recipe by substituting cannabutter for cannabis infused milk)
3 tspns Vanilla extract
30 g chocolate sprinkles (or etc.)

Wash and dry fresh cherries. Depit
2.  Wash, peel and grate the apple
3.  Combine the cannabutter butter and sugar until they are a smooth paste
4.  Add the eggs and vanilla. Make sure the mixture is well blended
5.  Add dry ingredients (flour and backing powder)
6.  Split this mixture into two mixing bowls
7.  Into one bowl pour the cherries and chocolate sprinkles. Into the other pour the apple. Mix both thoroughly
8.  Make sure to grease and lightly flour the cake tins before you pour the batter in.
9  Pour the apple dough into the cake tin first. Then add the cherry mixture.
10. Place baking tin in a non heated oven. Bake at approximately 150 ° C for about 40 minutes