While our focus in the future is going to be on cannabis specific news, while we are launching, we will also bring you news about what is going on with us. We hope that you also sign up on our mailing list so we can stay in touch with you as we move along.

The startup MedPayRx is a bit different than the kinds of IT or even cannabis companies you might have heard about. That is because we are a bit of a hybrid ourselves (kind of like the plant).

Our goal is to help normalize and mainstream medical cannabis – first in Germany and then other places where this is happening.

We are using a revolutionary new technology first used in banking. Now we are bringing this to health industry and in ways that, most importantly, are designed to drop costs and improve access while creating a compliant industry.

We are now forming the beginnings of our founding team – and still looking for more people. We are now formally incorporated as an UG in Germany on our way to GmbH formation (a formal German company in other words). We have our prototype now in process. We are putting together a crowdfinancing campaign. We are making this website better. We are designing our backend UI.

So things are busy and popping. And if any of this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you.


Team MedPayRx



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