MedPayRx Pilot To Market Program

Welcome to 2019!

We here at MedPayRx are going into the next phase of rollout and it is exciting!

Starting in January, we will begin a series of workshops to bring stakeholders together to validate our designs and improve our interface interactions as we roll the first platform out for testing, validation and certification.

Because we are proposing an IT platform that will operate in highly regulated space, and further one on the cutting edge of the digital healthcare revolution, we are adopting a process that is commonly used in the IT industry and large corporates, to bring together ecosystem stakeholders on a rolling basis, to give us feedback and help us create the best possible interface and service we can.

We have issued invitations in other words, to everyone who touches or is involved in the digital prescription, claims and “source to sale” process. This includes:
– Insurers (public and private)
-Pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers
-Regulators and analysts


We are kicking off our first workshop on January 25, 2019. For a full day, in Cologne Germany, we will bring 30 members of this ecosystem together for fun, creative interactive design discussions. During the workshop, we will examine how to interact and transact in a fully compliant, digital ecosystem.

For further information, including participation and sponsorship, please contact us at