Our Team

Marguerite Arnold Founder & CEO - MedPayRx
Marguerite is the founder of MedPayRx. A published author and investigative journalist.A leader in adaptive design, creative workshopping and advocacy organizing. An American expat and technologist specializing in engineering of economically based digital workflows , payment processing and“rights protection” in disruptive industries. MedPayRx was her formal EMBA business school thesis at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
Martin Weller Co-Founder & CFO - MedPayRx
Martin brings a wealth of experience in his over thirty years of corporate, consulting, medical and entrepreneurial work journey. He has also frequently worked as a consultant. The father of a university student son and the husband of a successful doctor in Bonn, he brings a unique corporate, and entrepreneurial background plus consulting experience to this project.
Dirk Koch Attorney & Privacy/Security Consultant - MedPayRx
MedPayRx Attorney and Privacy/Security consultant. A GDPR expert with both a law degree and a tech background, Dirk is rapidly establishing himself as a privacy law expert in cutting edge industries, including the cybersecurity, medtech and insurtech space.
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