We are a software company on a critical mission if not path – namely getting our platform and service into the market. To do that we have to create not only a new kind of ecosystem, but stakeholders to insure that we can test our software and services along the way.

For patients, this is relatively easy. They do not need to be told that something is drastically wrong with how healthcare works if they have a chronic illness.

However for everyone else – the business silos who must serve them and also maintain business operations in highly regulated space, this is often a contradiction. Chronic illness and the problems that go with it are antithetical to a business bottom line. For the pharmacies, insurance companies, producers and distributors involved however, there is also something clearly wrong with the system as is.

Along the way, in other words, we are enlisting what the Germans call Der Mittelstand – small to medium sized businesses who also must adapt to a changing world if not digitalization, automation, revamped business models and processes and new regulation like GDPR.

For the biggest companies involved in this – beyond pharmaceutical producers and mainstream device manufacturers – namely insurers (both private and “statutory” or “public” depending on where you live in Europe), none of this is easy either. They must adapt to a new world that is coming fast – just like the banks – without standards or new service models to guide them.

This is new territory. Home of the start-up however.

Now we must make the corporate connection.

So we are creating a unique series of workshops – in multiple countries and cities where we plan to roll out.

We are inviting representative members of the ecosystem to join us.
Please get in touch if you would like to participate in a workshop or join us in a trial.


We are looking for a special kind of partner. One who understands that the rules are different, that the answers are sometimes wrapped in strange packages, and that in an often disruptive and unruly world, the best solutions are ones that do not come top down, but rather bubble up – as ideas that will not be stopped.